Saturday, September 12, 2020

Yellow Sky

Waking up this morning I saw that the sky was yellow-grey, and thought today's theme song wd be Sting's "Wild Wild Sea/The Soul Cages" with its lines "pale yellow sky" and "the sky was the color of clay." Except that it's more like the color of hay, like walking around inside an old sepia photograph.

All this is of course the result of smoke --not just from the fires down in California and Oregon and eastern Washington but closer to home, in neighboring towns on the outskirts of the Seattle area such as Sumner and Bonnie Lake (about fourteen and twenty miles from here, respectively).

It's alarming to have to stay in because the air quality's so bad but things cd be much much worse. 

The cats, for their part, know something is up and are staying close to us, keeping an eye on what we're doing, when not prowling about.

--John R.

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