Wednesday, November 28, 2018

2019 Tolkien Calendar

So, is there something up with next year's Tolkien Calendar, which is to feature Alan Lee's work from THE FALL OF GONDOLIN? Amazon cancelled my order, saying their stock had run out. Barnes & Noble say they haven't gotten it in yet. Just bad luck on my part?

--John R.
current reading: the new Aaronovich (just out!), with more evidence therein that his master villain The Faceless Man* is a Tolkien fan, even using the G-for-Gandalf rune at one point. Though for some other runes the detective hero points out that the villain is using movie-runes there, not book runes. Which confused me, since I thought they'd gone to a lot of trouble in the movies to use Tolkien's runic system.

*'faceless' rather like Saruman's being Of-the-Many-Colours


OnTheTrail said...

John, the 2019 calendar is very beautiful.

The UK version (ISBN: 978-0008296797, HarperCollins) is still available on Amazon US but a friend in the US also had their order cancelled for the US version.

Magister said...

I found recently that Tolkien was nominated for the Nobel Prize a second time, in 1967:

(He is #58 on the list of nominees.)

By 2023, at the latest, we will know how many times he was nominated in total.

Eric said...

I'm baffled, as the only G rune I recall from the movies is the Cirth G he marks on Bilbo's door, which is one of the two characters mentioned on Gandalf's packages in Chapter 1 of Fellowship - the other being the Tengwa ngwalme, and properly speaking a Tengwa isn't a rune at all.