Sunday, October 7, 2018

More Aubusson Tolkien

So, thanks to Denis for another bit of film showing the unveiling of the Glorund tapestry and, as an added bonus, TANIQUETIL (The Halls of Manwe) as well, another of Tolkien's iconic paintings from the mythology.  This clip, in French without subtitles, is just under two minutes in length; to see it, scroll down the page that pops up when you click on the link. This time Adam Tolkien puts in an appearance as well; nice to see them both.

Thanks also to Druss, who in a comment on my earlier post sent a link that shows fourteen pieces of Tolkien art: five from THE HOBBIT, two from LORD OF THE RINGS, four from THE SILMARILLION, and three from THE FATHER CHRISTMAS LETTERS.

Here's the link:éation-contemporaine/aubusson-tisse-tolkien/les-œuvres-de-la-tenture-tolkien

What a great project. I look forward to the unveiling of new tapestries as they're completed. And I'm grateful to Denis for letting me know not only that such a project was in the works but this far along; many thanks.

Having seen the originals of a lot of Tolkien's art at one time or another (most recently just under a month ago in Oxford), I'm all the more amazed when I think of how small a lot of his pieces are --those from THE HOBBIT are generally the same size as the page of the book they were designed to fit -- and how well they scale up. Magnificent.

--John R.
--in Milwaukee, starting up Week Two tomorrow.


Micki said...

This isn’t a comment on the tapestries, but I couldn’t figure out how to email you.

I’m waiting for the shoe to drop—on July 1 you said
“All the more so if the rumor proves true and this third volume also includes what little was set down of the fourth and final Great Tale: THE TALE OF EARENDIL, bringing the set to as complete a state as is now possible. In any case, we'll soon know.“
The book is out now—The Fall of Gondolin”—so what do we now know? Is there anything new about Earendel?

John D. Rateliff said...

Good question, Micki

Truth is the past few months have been hectic, and I've still not read the FALL OF GONDOLIN volume w. the attention it deserves, though I have dipped into it several times.

To answer yr question: NO, this volume does not contain the outlines/plot notes and poems that are pretty much all we have of THE TALE OF EARENDIL, though of course they can still be found in BLT II. Instead, Christopher's solution is to follow the Gondolin material with the conclusion to the 1926 SKETCH, then the conclusion of the 1930 QUENTA, ending w. "The Prophecy of Mandos". Good stuff, though it makes the heart ache for what CT calls the truly lost tales: those his father for one reason or another never got written down.

Hope this helps

Micki said...

Thanks. It does help-

Micki said...

Thanks, it does help-