Monday, March 26, 2018

Tolkien Day (unObservant)

So, thanks to Janice S. for reminding me of Tolkien Reading Day, which fell yesterday this year. It's a holiday I honor more in the breech than the observance, in that while I like the idea I tend to forget the actual event when it rolls around each year. Kind of like Arbor Day.* To be fair, I'm probably reading something Tolkien wrote, or something someone wrote about him, or something connected with his life and works, more days than not. So every day is kinda like Tolkien day with me.**

Today was good Tolkien-reading days, here at the Marquette Archives where I'm taking a look at and slowly working through the sequence of MANY MEETINGS and COUNCIL OF ELROND -- the latter one of the two trickiest chapters in the manuscripts. This is Day Six of a ten-day research trip, and despite still-lingering effects of the cold it's been a really good session this time. Here's hoping the next four days go as well, and get me to a good stopping point. 

--John R.

current reading (Kindle): THE SINGING BONE by R. Austin Freeman (1912)

*which these days seems to have been more or less swallowed up in Earth Day.
**just ask Janice C 

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