Monday, September 26, 2016

At Marquette / "Tolkien and Lewis" movie

So, last night I arrived for another research trip to the Marquette Archives. Once again, as on my previous two visits, I'm staying in student/graduate student/visiting scholar housing right on campus, which is convenient -- though it does leave me with a lot of room to rattle around in, being the only person in what's clearly intended to be a four-person suite (two bedrooms with two beds each, two bathrooms, a 'living room' area, and a kitchen).

Today I worked with the Tolkien manuscripts.  hooray.

Tomorrow I'll be working with the Tolkien manuscripts, with some time taken out to go see a Tolkien movie in the afternoon. Thanks to my friend Jim (thanks Jim), I found out about the film TOLKIEN & LEWIS being shown at the Downer Theatre on the fashionable East Side at 3.45 tomorrow as part of the Milwaukee Film Festival.* And tomorrow I also hope to pick up the latest Johannes Cabal book at Boswell's Books on Downer, successor to the legended Webster's Books. And that evening I'm planning to get together with friends from my old book reading group, the Burrahobbits.

Tolkien, Tolkien everywhere. I like it.

--John R.
in Milwaukee
not yet going into cat withdrawal

current reading: just finished THE MARTIAN by Andrew Weir, which I enjoyed, and THE SNAKE AGENT by Liz Wms, which read more like a Judge Dee film than a book Just started THE RETURN OF THE SHADOW (naturally) and THE SEARCH FOR CORVO, another of those books I've been meaning to get to for years and finally decided the time is right.

*if you're in town and can work it in the schedule, drop on by. The more the merrier for something like this.

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