Wednesday, April 6, 2016

own Lovecraft letters

So, today I got a flyer from Heritage Auctions (the folks I got the Sime from, who now won't stop sending me message after message about other things they have that I don't want) that a set of ten Lovecraft letters, mostly unpublished, to one F. J. Pabody* (1932-1937) are being auctioned off, with an expected price of about $20,000. That's a lot, and just goes to show how mainstreamed Lovecraft has become (like Tolkien, and increasingly Lewis as well).

Here's the link:

--John R.

*looking at the name, I'd guess it was the inspiration for Dr. Pabodie, creator of the famous drill of the same name, in HPL's AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS

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Magister said...


Not likely, since HPL had finished "At the Mountains of Madness" already on 22 March 1931. Pabodie and its variants are apparently typical New-England names, hence its use in AtMoM.

There is also an E. Lapham Peabody in "The Shadow over Innsmouth" and a Peabody Avenue in "The Dreams in the Witch House".

Anyway, its cool to see "new" Lovecraft letters on the market.