Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Flieger Day

So, today's the deadline for turning over essays for the Flieger festschrift, A WILDERNESS OF DRAGONS. The essays have been coming in, one at a time every day or so, over the past week, with a v. pleasant spurt today. Well done, all.

For those who actually got their contributions in not just on time but early, especially the two that came in more than a month ago, I say : praise them with great praise.

There are still a number of essays outstanding, but most of these are from people who've contacted me and let me know the various reasons for the delays; I expect to have these essays in hand shortly.

Now comes multitasking time, when I spend some of each day working on first reading and then editing the essays and also part of each day on the Nodens (which I'm glad to say is coming along nicely, at least for now).

It'll be a busy and an interesting month.

--John R.

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Jason Fisher said...

Hi, John. I sent you email, but I haven't heard back from you yet. Just wanted to make sure you received it, so I'm leaving you a note here too. :)