Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Guardian Knows My Name

So, turns out that the first-edition, first-printing, autographed presentation copy given by JRRT for his student Katharine Kilbride (one of his original author's copies) didn't go for fifty to seventy thousand pounds, as estimated. It went for more than double that: £137,000


What's more, I was surprised to find myself being quoted by THE GUARDIAN.  Being referenced in an online forum or cited in an academic piece is one thing (and I'm always interested to see how others use my work); to be quoted in a world-class newspaper is oddly disconcerting. At any rate, glad to see the reference to Tolkien's THE LOST ROAD being picked up; it'd be great if that leads someone out there to discover Tolkien's strange and fascinating time-travel stories.

Here's the piece:

--John R.

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