Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Chasing Rabbits in a Nice Way": the Art of Rabbit Jumping

So, here's a light-hearted piece to offset the rather grim previous post about Warnie Lewis's alcoholism.

I've been reading the English news lately, following the twists and turns of the recent English election,* when I came across a light piece on the new sport of rabbit jumping. Here's the link.

my favorite quotes out of this:

"What a bad mood would look like is anybody’s guess."

"they learn extremely fast, but it turns out that means two years. They don’t understand commands."

"This sounds a lot like chasing the rabbit, though given the rules, obviously they are chasing their rabbits in a nice way."

Meanwhile, the countdown for Kalamazoo has started: time to get my papers in presentable form, sort out what I'll need for the trip, and (in some ways hardest of all) what to take to read while I'm away.

--John R.
today's song: "Bullets for Brains" by Roland Orbzabal

  *turns out I shd have been following the Canadian news out of Alberta, but so it goes.

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