Friday, February 13, 2015

Pictures of me, of cats, of me and cats

So, when THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT came out, one local reviewer* made the comment that I 'carried the full weight of Tolkien scholarship' upon my shoulders -- which inspired friend Stan, ever-talented cartoonist that he is, to visualize what that might be like in his own inimitable way. I was reminded of this just recently when he gave me a t-shirt as a gift with the cartoon proudly displayed across the front. Here's the image:

Janice shared the next image with me and it was too good not to pass along; don't know the original source, other than 'on the internet'.  But it's all too true. 
   The caption is How to summon a Cat Goddess

Finally, just to show how true the Thoth-and-Bast piece was, here's a picture of me working at my desk a few weeks ago, with Hastur helping me out on the laptop:

--John R.

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