Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So, thanks to an interesting query that needed following up on,* yesterday I learned that THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT is now available in electronic format -- specifically, as a Kindle book.


Although the write-up on that page makes it seem as if it's just Volume I that's available (MR. BAGGINS), the cover image shown is the correct one: this electronic file actually includes both MR. BAGGINS and RETURN TO BAG-END. In fact, it's the revised and expanded single volume edition (THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT) released by HarperCollins in 2011.

I'm excited to have the book be readily available to folks with e-readers. I'm old school enough myself to prefer paper books for most of my reading, when that's an option, but know a lot of folks who do most of their reading these days on the Kindle or their i-Pads. And at about a thousand pages for $12.74 it's not bad for scholars on a budget.

Mostly, though, I'm just glad to have another venue in which to share my enthusiasm for Tolkien in general and THE HOBBIT in particular.

current reading: THE REAL MIDDLE-EARTH by Michael Muhling [2013]
current audiobook: CATCHING FIRE (Mockingjay #2)
new long-term off-and-on reading project: THE PAPYRUS OF ANI

*thanks, Jeremy

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