Monday, April 15, 2013

The (Second) Cat Bite Incident

Just for those who are wondering, the cat-bite I got Friday morning is indeed serious, but luckily I took Janice's advice and went to the Immediate Care Center that afternoon and got it seen to. I'm lucky in that it (just) missed the joint, but one fang punched right through my fingernail, which looks awful, and the matching fang from below caused that whole joint of the finger (the tip) to swell up and turn an unlovely shade of purple. The antibiotics twice a day (thank you, modern science) have reversed the swelling and much improved the coloring. Still not back to normal, but much better.

Other than that, I've been taking it easy and giving the antibiotic time to work. I'm keeping the finger warm and dry (except when soaking it in warm epson salts, as per Dr. Epper's suggestion, to help circulation), Not getting much work done, what with nine-fingered typing and all, plus low-energy almost to the point of lethargy.

But hey, it beats the thirteen days in the hospital, six surgeries, multiple trips to the hyperbaric chamber, septic blood poisoning, physical therapy afterwards (ultimately unsuccessful), and the rest from the last time around.

The motto: with a cat-bite, when in doubt, go and get it taken care of. Seriously.

As for poor Oliver Bob, The Cat Who Bit, he's been transferred up to the main shelter, where they're going to check and see if he has an injury we didn't know about that caused such uncharacteristic behavior on his part. Poor O.B.!

And yes, our three have rallied round and spent lots of down time with me, or indeed on me.

current reading: THE WOMEN OF OXFORD by Vera Brittan (1960)
current anime: EF: A Tale of Memories (visually interesting, if narratively sluggish)

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Ronald Kyrmse said...

Sorry about all that! Get well soon.
Best, Ronald