Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mr. Niko's Last Day (W.2/6-13)

Seven cats only on this, Mr.Niko's last day with us. Just since last week we've seen Stig adopted to a home all his own, newcomer Aura and little Tayla adopted together (horray for both, esp. sweet little Tayla), Atlanta head up to Woodinville to be reunited with mother Georgia (and hopefully soon to be adopted together), and Minniehaha arrive and almost immediately depart, so that most of us never got the chance to see her (way to go, Minnie). 

The seven are EDNA JANE, LEMURA, Mr. NIKO, new cat KATNISS, (a calico tabby, orange and grey)next-newest GENESIS (black and orange, a calico without the white), PASCALE, and STACHE.

A quiet day with no walks (at one point Stache was by the door so I put the leash on her, but she was no sooner out than wanted back in again). Everyone came out except Mr. Niko, who reigned supreme in his cage. Edna came out on her own, and later moved herself from the cat-stand near the door to the one on the bench (her new favorite spot), walking past a mellow Stache to get there. She came out at noon with considerable reluctance (with me lifting the whole thing, carrying it to her cube, and upending it before she'd get out). And she wanted to come back out again after that and was much displeased with me for not letting her.

Lemura and Stache between them seem the current bosses; luckily each is a fairly relaxed and benign despot, mostly interested in snoozing. They found spots they liked (on or under cat-stands near the door), from which they napped and enjoyed being petted, with the occasional treat and string game to liven up the morning.  

I enjoyed making the acquaintance of Genesis and young Katniss both of whom have literary names. I put Katniss atop cat-stand #2, from which she made her own way to the cage-tops via the cabinet, which pleased her mightily. She stayed up there most of the morning, till she decided she needed to come down and prowl about. Meanwhile Genesis, our current senior cat, proved to be v. vocal -- she definitely lets you know when she likes how you're petting her. 

Pascale, our resident hider, I placed among the blankets in the cabinet's top shelf, which she seemed to enjoy.

And of course Mr. Niko was In Residence for a string of visitors to see Mr. Niko: Bonnie (with whom I had a nice chat catching up on Mr. Brothers), 'Tim' (a.k.a. Niko's Favorite Person), and Cher. I brought in some high-quality cat treats my own cats had declared Most Excellent treats and gave him some as a going-away treat; he didn't know yet about the going-away part but was pleased to accept the treats. Also played some with the string game, and let me pet him a bit. 

We had few visitors, and those just browsers outside the glass. This was just the opposite of last week, when there was a flood of people, many of whom wanted to chat. Between that and the fewer cats, finished up earlier than usual.

Health concerns: Jane only gave one little sneeze and there was a little residue of a sneeze on the back wall of her cage, but otherwise she seemed fine. She certainly looks healthy, and acted as if she felt well, so maybe we've been lucky this time on the cat-colds. 
   One of the cats had missed her little box; forgot to make a note which but think it was Stache.
   Lemura needed some clean up, which I provided, to her dismay. Took it better than last time, though, so maybe she'll get used to it as a routine she puts up with.

Here's hoping the chance is good for Mr. Niko, that he soon settles in to the new place, and that he doesn't fall into the only-safe-inside-cube routine again. I'll miss him; while he was trouble to deal with, when in a good mood he was a most charming fellow.

--John R.

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