Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moi, En Anglais

So long as I'm talking about my work in translation, I shd note that the piece I wrote for Tolkiendil, the French Tolkien society who published it in a special issue of their journal L'ARC ET LE HEAUME, has now been posted on their website in its original, English form: "A Fragment, Detached: THE HOBBIT and THE SILMARILLION". Here's the link: 

In this, which was also my Kalamazoo paper last year, I tackle the issue of Tolkien's many contradictory comments on the relationship between the two books. Short Version: In my conclusion, I argue that THE HOBBIT was part of the legendarium from its v. inception, though it's possible to define "The Silmarillion" (i.e., tales of the first age) in such as way as to exclude it.


--John R.

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