Friday, February 3, 2012

The Youngest Life Master

So, yesterday my great-nephew* became the youngest-ever person to achieve the status of Bridge Life Master. Nine years, two months, and seven days: a new record.

Congratulations to Zach, and to his parents (who did a lot of driving him around and re-arranging their schedule to make this possible), and his sisters for their patience while all this was going on. Here's the announcement:

I don't play Bridge myself, though I relatively recently discovered that I know the basics of the game from so many games of Rook in my youth --a favorite game of my grandmother Smith, specially designed, I now realize, so that people with religious objections to playing cards cd still enjoy a Bridge-like game. It is interesting to see another gamer pop up elsewhere along the family tree, even if with a v. different game than the rpgs I've devoted so many hours to.

--John R.
--still in Magnolia, but now with reliable wi-fi, as of about this time yesterday.

*yes, I am old as the hills. Why do you ask?

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