Friday, January 27, 2012

My Week

So far this week, I've
--flown half-way across the country, and driven several hours more
--gotten a brief get together with fellow Tolkienist Jason Fisher
--spent a lot of time in Shreveport visiting hospitals
--walked along the Red River
--eaten far too many meals at Cracker Barrel (the only restaurant night-blind me can find in Shreveport after dark)
--seen a hawk, and a heron (large & white), disturbed sunning turtles, heard (but not seen) a kingfisher, saw some mourning doves, and puzzled mightily a mockingbird
--been a bit surprised by seventy-degrees in January
--bought a box of 'Promise Tea' (which comes with a scriptural quote on each tag, but unfortunately doesn't seem to come in tea flavor)
--found a v. friendly tea shop down on Line Avenue,* which I visited not once but twice
--and prepared myself for the hardest part of the trip, which is yet to come.

More later

--John R.

current reading: THE EMPEROR'S PEARL by Rbt van Gulik
just finished: BOOK GIRL AND THE CORRUPTED ANGEL (the Phantom-of-the-Opera entry into this enjoyable but disturbing series)
current ebook: THE WOBBIT (a parody of THE HOBBIT) by Paul Erickson

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