Tuesday, December 20, 2011

THE HOBBIT trailor

So, as of seven o'clock tonight, the trailer for THE HOBBIT (part one) is up.

There are many places you can see it online; I watched it here:

Analysis as to where they are and aren't faithful to the book can come later. For now, it's time to luxuriate in the feeling of seeing this: after years of delay, it's real, and it's coming. One year to go.

I so want to see this movie.

--John R.


David Bratman said...

"It's real, and it's coming."

They will come on you in the wild, in some dark place where there is no help. Do you wish them to find you? They are terrible!

grodog said...

It looks to me like there will be a lot of fleshing out of the pre-LOTR Appendix B story about the activities of the White Council and Gandalf's investigations into the Necromancer of Dol Guldur. I've always thought that was fun stuff, so seeing it all interwoven with The Hobbit's storyline will be an interesting take on the film, if that's how it turns out (and that would certainly contextualize the import of Thorin's quest in the grander scheme of the War of the Ring).