Monday, October 24, 2011

I Am Interviewed

. . . by Michael Martinez, as the second in a series of pieces he's doing with Tolkien scholars (the first, last week, was with MYTHLORE editor Janet Croft; next week's being with Wayne & Christina (Oct. 28th), followed by Michael Drout (Nov. 4th) and then John Garth (Nov. 11th). Mine mostly focuses on THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT, but does expend to other matters Tolkienian as well. Here's the link:

--John R.

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Zenopus Archives said...

I enjoyed reading the interview - very informative. I remember Michael Martinez back from rec.arts.books.tolkien in the late 90's.

Your one volume History of the Hobbit and The Art of the Hobbit are out today in the UK. (I just wrote a bit about them).

Is a U.S. release planned for the HotH?