Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Neighborhood Meltdown (Follow-up)

So, a month or so back I posted about a shooting here in Bayview. Details at the time were sketchy, though disturbing. Now that a little more time has passed, Janice pointed out to me one follow-up article that I wd otherwise have missed. Even though it's from a few weeks ago, I thought I'd share:

Aside from the usual inaccuracy of detail to which journalism is inevitably prone, given the haste and immediacy w. wh. it must be written -- e.g., there's no "gazebo" in Bayview, so presumably this took place where I'd suspected, down by the arbor/trellis near the first set of mailboxes within sight of the Bayview entrance -- this does add a good amount of information. First, that the person shot of indeed a fellow Bayview resident. Second, that even though he was shot multiple times and rushed to Harborview (where all the most critical flight-for-life cases go), he must be doing much better, since within a matter of three weeks or so he was transferred from the hospital to a jail. Third, it's scary to think that in addition to the AK-47 he was carrying at the time he also had half a dozen back-up guns and 1700 bullets.

1700 bullets?

Why on earth wd anyone need a stockpile of 1700 bullets?

Finally, I find it odd that he's being charged with "Assault", when he's the one that got shot. I'd have expected some such charge as Reckless Endangerment or Attempted Homicide. Strange are the ways of our legal system.

But while I feel bad for the guy who got shot, and for the policeman who shot him, I feel most for the other neighbor, the one whose window got shot out. Not a happy thought.


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