Thursday, December 10, 2009

C. S. Lewis play comes to Seattle

So, thanks to my massage therapist*, I learned this week that a local Seattle theater company will be putting on a play based on C. S. Lewis's THE GREAT DIVORCE for about a month from late January to near the end of February, 2010.

The place in question is the Taproot Theatre, where we saw SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE by Earl Derr Biggers (better known for writing the six Charlie Chan novels) the year before last, though I'm not sure whether this will be put on by their usual cast and crew or a visiting group (the 'Magis Theatre'), nor whether it'll be in the same theatre where we saw the other play, given that their building was damaged by the Seattle arsonist not that long ago.**

For more about the play, go to the group's website ( and tap the sky-blue & white button "2010 Season"

or you can just click

The show will preview Jan 27th & 28th, followed immediately by their regular run, from Jan 29th thr Feb 27th. According to the taproot site, the play was adapted from CSL's original book by George Drance & the Magis Theatre. I don't know Drance's work, but there's a picture of the cast in costume on his website (see ); apparently Drance himself plays George MacDonald, the narrator's guide. The play has apparently been around since at least early 2007, given the following (brief) review dated Jan. 24th 2007:

We don't get to too many plays, but if I manage to see this one I'll try to make another post about how well they pulled it off.

More later (perhaps).

--John R.

*the talented Mr. John Jackson, who does an excellent job from time to time undoing some of the damage my work-all-day-on-the-laptop lifestyle does to my neck and shoulders:

**for pictures of the damaged theatre, see
For the news story about the presumed arsonist's arrest, see

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Unknown said...

Hi John,

Taproot Theatre IS staging the regional premiere of "The Great Divorce," from January 27 through February 27. If you'd like more information, let me know your e-mail address, and I'll send you a press release after Christmas. You can also find info on Taproot Theatre's website at

Best, Daytona, communiations manager. daytona at taproottheatre dot com.