Monday, October 26, 2009

New Publication

So, tonight I was pleasantly surprised to get a pdf copy of my newest publication: "Hubert's Fine Arts",* one of the five component pieces making up A PECULIAR PENTAD, the latest CALL OF CTHULHU release from the good folks at Super Genius Games. On a quick read-through, the whole product looks nice. I'm in good company, my fellow authors being Jeff Grubb, Gwendolyn Kestrel, Thomas Reid, and Jeff Quick. I'll put up a link to the product once it's listed on their website, in case anyone wants to check it out for themselves, but for now I'm enjoying the chance to read over a piece I did more than a year ago (September 2008), under difficult circumstances (which staying in Billings, Montana, waiting for the recovery of someone who'd just been airlifted to a hospital our of Yellowstone Park for a triple bypass), and seeing how it holds up. And, of course, to finally have the chance to read the other contributors' pieces.

Cthulhu adventure sites, complete with characters and adventure hooks. Mmm; them'll's make fine reading for me over the next few days . . .


*pronounced Hu-BEAR's, as in faux-French, not 'HEW-berts', as in Humphrey; I still haven't gotten the knack of getting in the accent marks in this format.

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