Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tolkien in Cuba

So, I recently heard from the organizer of the TOLKIEN EVENT in Havana that they'd like to translated my piece on "Tolkien and Roleplaying Games" in their 'Digital Informative' ("Informativo Estronia"). This will be their third annual event -- apparently at the first, in 2007, they had about two hundred and fifty people gathering at a library in Old Havana. The next year, 2008, they almost doubled that. And they're hoping to do better still this year. The big event will be Saturday, September 26th. I'm hoping to get a post-con report afterwards, in which case I'll try to post a follow-up here.

We Tolk folk do show up in unexpected places, don't we? Though I still don't think anyone's beaten the North Borneo Tolkien Society yet . . .


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