Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Best Place to Eat in Billings, Montana . . .

. . . is The Soup Place (which I dubbed 'Splendid Soups'), on Broadway (106 28th street), in Downtown Billings. For a non-sandwich eater like myself, it's a soup-lover's delight. Seven soups every day, plus three daily soups, for a total of ten to choose from. And they offer a trio sampler whereby you can have three cups, each of a different soup, rather than a big bowl of only one. There are sandwiches too, but why would you eat a sandwich when you could have soup?
The next best place is Huhot's Mongolian, down on King Avenue; one of those Mongolian grills where you collect a bowlful of raw materials and sauces and they sear it for you on a massive hot metal drum. It came close to matching Genghis Khan's of Milwaukee (on Hwy 100), the standard by which I judge all other Mongolian restaurants, and far surpassed the Seattle area's offerings, which tend to leave the food in one place until it chars, then scrape it off, rather than keep it moving.
As for why I now know all this, that'll have to wait for another post.


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