Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm a Part of WHAT Conspiracy?

This one, passed along to me by Jim Lowder, is too good not to share. Turns out that according to a recent net-article, he and I are both part of a vast Jesuit conspiracy to infiltrate business, government, and culture with secret agents loyal only to The Pope. Some of our fellow co-conspirators include Joseph McCarthy (possibly the worst senator in the history of the U.S.), Jerry the Dentist from the Bob Newhart Show, and Garrison Keeler's guitarist. The original piece is here:

Of course, all this ignores the fact that I'm not even Catholic but a Calvinist (specifically, a Southern Presbyterian) who only chose Marquette as a graduate school because they had the Tolkien manuscripts; I wasn't even aware they were a Catholic school at the time. Not to mention that if I were to become a secret agent of the pope (highly unlikely), I'd pick a better pope, like John XXIII or John Paul the first.


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