Tuesday, July 3, 2007


So, the day before yesterday my copy of Part II: RETURN TO BAG-END arrived from amazon.co.uk.
And there was much rejoicing.

A list of the inevitable errata will soon follow, with rather less rejoicing.
All in all, however, it's a beautiful book; the good folks at HarperCollins did a wonderful job taking the huge text files I sent them and converting it into these handsome volumes. I'd like them even if there weren't my own; as it is, I'm positively doting.
And now that the complete book is out, we wait for the first review. Here's hoping.



Unknown said...

It is a magnificent achievement. I finished volume 1 a month back & have just started volume 2. Have to admit that I jumped straight to the '1960 Hobbit' section, which is the one I've most been looking forward to since I heard of the project.

Fascinating, but I'm glad Tolkien didn't complete it. It would (as the unnamed correspondent stated) not have been The Hobbit. Its interesting that Tolkien could not make it 'fit' with LotR, & I've always felt it stood apart from the Legendarium proper - much as I love the book.

Makes me wonder to what extent The Sil remained uncompleted (accepting your earlier comments) simply because making the different tales fit with each other became too great a task the more he 'developed' them.

Anyway, congratulations on a magnificent contribution to Tolkien studies.

SESchend said...

Volume 2 already? Zoinks! I haven't even started with Vol 1 yet, and must put it to post so as to have your esteemable scrawl on its title page.... ;)

Now to save the shekels for Vol 2 via Amazon.co.uk....as I'm not willing to wait until September for this (and want both British volumes).