Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Book Is Out . . . Maybe

So, according to, Part One of THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT: MR. BAGGINS, is now available in England, the release date having been moved up a week (from May 8th to May 1st). One friend has passed along word that she received a notice that her copy has shipped, and the amazon uk site now lists it as 'in stock' and available for express shipping (indeed, it's currently #365 on their best seller's list). Alas I have not yet seen a copy myself, nor heard from anyone who has one in their hands, so I can't confirm that the actual physical book is out there yet.
In other news, it's due to hit the bookshelves in Canada on the 16th. The US release will be a few months later, timed to coincide with the 70th anniverary of the book's initial 1937 release in September.
Meanwhile, all the final corrections for Part Two: RETURN TO BAG-END are now in, and I'm deep in the index; hence the passage of several days between posts. I'm so busy that it's hard for me to quite take in that it's almost over: suspect I'll be like the novelist Mr. Earbrass in Gorey's THE UNSTRUNG HARP, wandering around leaving unfinished teacups strewn about the place.


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Trotter said...

John, It is out in England - I bought my copy on the 2nd May in London. I have read about half the book so far and very impressed with the research and the quality of the book. Thanks for writing it.