Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Wicked Thought

So, while we were walking home tonight my wife had what she herself called a wicked thought. Given that there are some people so vehemently opposed to the Peter Jackson movies that they boycott not just the films but the work of anyone involved with them, what do they do when faced with a new Tolkien book illustrated by one of the films' art directors -- i.e., Alan Lee's illustrated edition of THE CHILDREN OF HURIN?

Do they wait a year hoping for a paperback edition without the illos?

Do they buy a copy and tear the pictures out, discarding the dust jacket?

Do they simply avert their eyes from the artwork as they read through?

Have to admit I have no idea. Given that they can't get the Tolkien book without the Lee artwork (and very nice it is, too, I might add) I suspect they quietly put their principles aside when the alternative is going without a new Tolkien, but the thought does highlight the problems behind 'Secondary Separation'.