Friday, September 27, 2019

Me, Tallking About TSR

So, Wednesday I appeared on a podcast about the events leading up to TSR's collapse.

The podcast is hosted by Ben Riggs, the other guest being ex-TSR and current Chaosium book editor Jim Lowder.*

Here's the audio. Mine is the voice which sounds like it was conjured up by the Witch of Endor when she was having an off-day. I may have oversimplified some but don't think I misspoke. At any rate I learned a lot of interesting things about what was going on behind the scenes in those far-off dark days.

Given that this piece was about the mistakes that laid them low, maybe at some point I shd put together a post celebrating TSR's achievements.**

Thanks to Ben for providing the opportunity and for sharing his discoveries and to Jim for the context.

--John R.
current reading: C. L. Moore's NORTHWEST SMITH stories (only one, the crossover story, left to go), a biography of Douglas Adams (just started), an old golden-age mystery novel (poorish opening, hope it gets better)

*whom I've known since the mid-80s when we were in a terrible Science Fiction class at Marquette (I as a grad student and he as an undergrad/honors student)
**which were many, and tend to go unrecorded

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