Sunday, October 6, 2019

Well, well, well

So, it's been several years now since I've been able to go to the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair. Not from any lack of interest: I've either been out of town or had a prior commitment elsewhere for that weekend. Which is a pity, since it's a real education to see so many interesting and unusual books first-hand.  Occasionally I've saved up my money and been able to buy one or more such books myself. This is where I've picked up most of the smattering of Arkham House books on my shelves,* like Clark Ashton Smith's ABOMINATIONS OF YONDO or one of Derleth's Solar Pons books. And, of course, the Tolkien letter.

 It was also at the Antiquarian Book Fair that I had an odd run-in and even odder conversation with someone whom I later realized had mistaken me for John Bellairs. It's a great place to go with a friend or friends, the better to split up and then later report on our individual finds -- like the year I went with Sue Weinlein and Stan Brown.

This year I was wistful to see the postcard in the mail announcing the time and place for this year's show. At first I thought sure enough it was scheduled so I'd just miss it. Then Janice pointed out that no, its timing would fit just between the trip I'd be getting back from and the next one that swiftly follows.

So, if you like books, and you've got some time on Saturday October 12th, 10am to 6pm, or Sunday October 13th, 11 am to 4 pm, come join the fun at Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center.** Maybe I'll be lucky enough to see one of the two CAS Arkham House volumes I'm still missing. I know I'll have fun looking -- and in looking to see how high the prices for Tolkien have gotten.

--John R.
current reading: WISH YOU WERE HERE, a biography of Douglas Adams (another author with crippling writer's block).

*most of the rest I picked up from Norwescon, back in the days when I used to go to Norwescon.
**the old World's Fair ground.

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