Monday, July 10, 2017

The New Arrival (CAS)

Just arrived today: THE AVEROIGNE CHRONICLES, ten stories by Clark Ashton Smith, the greatest of the Weird Tales school and a personal favorite of mine.

I've been a fan ever since Tom Moldvay's X2. Chateau d'Ambreville introduced me to Averoigne and Smith's work, sending me to track down the TimeScape editions and, later on, some of the Arkham House originals.

The new book is horribly expensive, as might be expected from a limited-run small-press edition. But I've long wanted the Averoigne stories all gathered together in one volume and finally decided to go for it.

More later, when I've had a chance to look it over some.

--John R.
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Magister said...

This book should have been out in time for the Smith centennial in 1993 (!), but the first publisher kept dragging their feet for years. I remember checking their website to see what was happening with it. And then the Night Shade set appeared, and now I can't really justify the expense.