Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Five Cats a'walking (W.7/12)

FIve cats in the cat-room today, all of whom got walks.

Last week I hadn’t been able to get AVRY to come down from on high and out of her  cage,* whereas PENNI climbed me like a ladder before I got three steps from the door, so only the other three (CHESTER, TABITHA, and TRIS) had gotten walks.

Today I accordingly started w. Avry, so she didn’t have time to get out of sorts seeing the other cats out and about. She really blossomed when we got her to the Training Room. She wove in and out of the little stools over and over, rubbed my legs and purred, did her paws up and down, and generally expressed her satisfaction. I even held her belly-up in my lap for ten to fifteen minutes; she was that relaxed. It’s at times like these that I get a sense of what she’d be like in a one-cat home of her own. Remembering how she looked when she first arrived, I was struck by how different she looks with all that fur grown back in. Hope she finds that home soon.

Penni was next, and while it was hard getting the leash on I walked up and down the cat-room carrying her for a few minutes to help get her used to it, and when we actually went out she did better than expected. I carried her pretty much the whole time, but think it did her good to be outside the cage for a bit. Afterwards, remembering that someone said Penni likes the bin-bed in the corner I put her up there. They were right: she stayed the rest of the morning, like a little old princess on her throne. Turns out she loves catnip bubbles and peacock feathers, and I suspect the gopher game wd go down well. Looks like she’s willing to be out so long as the other cats keep their distance.

Tris wanted to explore the various cat-stands and pet beds. She seems to be picking up the rules about walking pretty quick. Glad to report that at one point when she found herself near a dog (somewhat smaller than herself) she behaved well: both she and the dog stated at each other a bit and then went separate ways.  Found out last week that she likes games but she LOVES CATNIP. Just about any form is good: catnip teabags, catnip spray, catnip bubbles . . . It doesn’t seem to make her either pouncy or mellow; she just likes it. A lot. 

Chester had to wait for his walk: he was watching with impatience while Tris and Penni had their turns. Once out he didn’t go as far afield or stay out as long as last week (when he’d been out for about a half hour or forty minutes) but he seemed to enjoy himself and did some exploring. He was unhappy when I put him back in his cage; he clearly felt he hadn’t gotten enough attention or games or time outside the cage. Suspect he’ll demand lot of attention from the next shift.

Finally, Tabitha also had to wait while the shyer cats got out of their cages and got their walks first. She didn’t go too far afield, but enjoyed sniffing the bottoms of each cat-tree in turn. She’s gotten pretty confident about being on the leash and is now one of our best walkers (along with Chester, who’s brave, and Avry, who loves her room). 

most popular cat-toy today: the catnip bubbles, w. Chester (of course), Tris (ibid), and rather surprisingly Penni all keeping a fascinated eye on them but keeping their distance.

no health concerns that I noted. noticed a lot of shedding going on with Avery and Tabitha

—John R. 

*though someone came down from Lynnwood to see her last week and spent a half-hour petting her in her cage.

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