Saturday, May 23, 2020

TSR R&D staff, Spring 1997

So, a little more of TSR history, this time a list of all the designers and editors and the product groups they were in at a specific point in history. The timing is at the time of the WotC acquisition, circa April 1997, so folks who were laid off in December 1996 like myself are not included. Nor does it take into account the rpg people already on staff out in Renton, like Jonathan Tweet, Kij Johnson, Mike Selinker, and Jennifer Clarke Wilkes.

Of the thirty-one people listed here,* eight decided not to make the move out to Renton in August 1997, and a few more switched to working off-site from back in the Lake Geneva area. These latter drifted away over the course of the next year. Things are complicated by some people, like myself, who were laid off in December 1996 then rehired by WotC in September 1997.

--John R.

*out of a total of eighty-four TSR folks invited to make the move from the old regime at  Lake Geneva to join the new at Renton.

TSR designers & editors, at time of WotC purchase (circa April 1997)

Group I
Thomas Reid
Karen Boomgarten
Bill Connors
Dale Donovan
Julia Martin
Cindi Rice
Steve Schend

Bill Slavicsek
Rich Baker
Jim Butler
David Eckleberry
Kim Mohan

Group III
Harold Johnson
Carrie Bebris
Anne Brown
Steven Brown
Sue Cook
Miranda Horner
Bill Olmesdahl
Ed Stark

Group IV
Steve Winter
Michelle Carter
Monte Cook
Bruce Cordell
Jon Pickens
Keith Strohm
Ray Vallesse
Skip Williams

Bruce Heard (scheduler)
Roger Moore
Sean Reynolds (online)

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