Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tolkien Reading Day

So, today is Tolkien Reading Day,* a yearly celebration of the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. I usually don't take part** but this year through Janice I learned that the Tolkien Collector's Guide site had organized an interesting collection of Tolk folk to read aloud a wide array of Tolkien's works, everything from Verlyn Flieger reading "Aotrou & Itroun" to Dimitra Fimi's seven year old son talking about THE HOBBIT. Even though it was at the last minute, they were good enough to let me join in with a brief  contribution, "The Dragon's Visit" (original version, 1937) at 2.45 today, right at the end of Clifford Broadway's reading of the LotR chapter "The Houses of Healing".

 Here's the link to the description of the event and list of participants:

And now back to my work for the day --wrestling with the various texts of the AINULINDALE.

--John R.

*probably inspired by Bloomsday, held by Joyce scholars each year on June 16th.

**it may not be literally true but it feels like for me the term 'Tolkien reading day' applies to as many of my days as not).

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