Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Fantasy Directory

So, the latest item of interest to emerge from the sea of papers is THE FANTASY DIRECTORY II. This must have been Taum Santoski's copy, since I was never plugged in to the fan network represented by this fantasy-themed apa.*

Looking through it now, it's a fascinating relic of fantasy fandom as it was in circa 1978. The first part, compiled by Paul Ritz, is literally a directory, listing the names, addresses, and interests of individual fans. Some of these are still with us and still active, like David Bratman (guest of honor at this year's MythCon) and Gary Hunnewell. Some have passed away, like Taum Santoski (who provided the cover art).

The DIRECTORY does not only list individual fans but also, casting their nets wide, organizations devoted to writers like Wm Morris, Lewis Carroll, Baum's Oz books, and Dorothy L. Sayers.  Both The Tolkien Society and The Mythopoeic Society are still flourishing,**  others have long since faded away, like the much lamented Fantasy Association.

All in all, a pleasant if slightly bittersweet amble down memory lane.

--John R.
--current reading: THE RAVENMASTER by Christopher Skaife (just finished)

*I in fact discovered the contact information for and got in touch with some of these organizations thanks to Grotta-Kurska's book, which I'm grateful to for that, whatever its shortcomings as a biography.

**unlike their Tolkienian cousins the Sydney University Tolkien Society and the American Tolkien Society (ATS)

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