Sunday, September 2, 2007

And Another

Looks like reviews have begun to appear, I just hadn't been looking hard enough. This one is very brief, but favorable, and puts me in truly excellent company: it's a real honor to have my book reviewed alongside the work of Stephen Jay Gould (whose THE MISMEASURE OF MAN is a real masterpiece, although his WONDERFUL LIFE got a comeupance from Jimmy Carter, of all people). It's also amusing, given that I have a friend named Stan (, to read about a new novel out there about the founding of a new religion called 'The Stan'.
I do have to admit that I was surprised to find that there was anybody these days who would willingly allow people to refer to them as "Colonists"; live and learn. And I was vastly tickled to find myself described as a "master scholar": it makes me feel like I should channel Keye Luke and use the phrase 'Young Grasshopper' a lot.

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