Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The First Review

So, I've been on tetherhooks for months, waiting for the first review, knowing full well that it's such a long book that I'd probably have to wait quite a while. Now at last that wait is over: today I discovered the following online review of MR. BAGGINS, apparently posted in a review blog sometime last month:

Delighted to hear that she felt after reading it that she understood knew more about the way JRRT's mind worked. Hope she similarly enjoys the second volume in good time. Also hope she doesn't give up her search for THE ANNOTATED HOBBIT, an excellent book in its own right.

In the meantime, Woo-hoo.


UPDATE (Sat. Sept 1st)
A little more exploring has turned up the reviewer's blog, in which she discusses her first impressions while reading the book.

Glad to hear it made her want to read THE SILMARILLION. Hard for me to realize that it's been thirty years ago this month that my copy of that book finally arrived. It's now been longer since THE SILMARILLION was published (30 years) than it was between the publication of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and its long-delayed prequel (22 years).

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