Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Book Signing in U-district

So, two weeks from tonight is my first book signing for THE HISTORY OF THE HOBBIT, at 7pm at the University Bookstore on Tuesday Sept. 25th. We'll start with a reading, followed by a Q&A, then the signing itself. Please let people in the area you think might be interested know about the event, and drop in a line if you think you'll be able to make it.

Here's the official online schedule of the Univ. Bkstr's upcoming readings and signings, including the notice for my event:


Hope I'll see you there.
--John R.

Current (re)reading: Neil Gaiman's STARDUST
Current anime: LE CHEVALIER D'EON


blewett said...

Hugh has dragged his father out for a few book signings of RA Salvatore in some angel-forsaken suburbs of Chicago. At the first such drag-out, the name of our long-lost friend John D. Rateliff came up somehow, and so, at this latest signing, when asked about JDR, RAS mentioned that JDR's history of JRRT's "Hobbit" was recently published. The Borders we were at did not have JDR's book (of course), and I just now got off of the telephone with a friend at the "Broad Vocabulary" here in Milwaukee, whom I had asked to order JDR's "History" for me and who had called to ask for the exact title, which prompted a google search, which in turn led to my discovering this blog. Congrats to you, John. I am happy to have this way to reach out to you, since I have no idea what we might have done with your address so many years ago.

I cannot tell you how pleased we are for you. I hope that you would let your friends know if, and when, you might come this way so that we might have you sign our copy of your work. I think the "Broad Vocabulary" store would like to have you visit their store if you do come out, to get some books signed on the other side of the Menomonee and even the Kinnickinnic Rivers.

blewett said...

I see that we just missed you here. We had driven down to have RAS sign Hugh's books two nights before your gig at MU. As she sings in "Cabaret," "Maybe next time..."