Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Cat Walking (8/16-17)

After missing three weeks, I was able to get back in today and walk four out of five cats.

I started out with newcomer PUTT-PUTT, since it sounds from all accounts as if the other cats have been giving him a hard time. He took to it amazingly well, and was brave and curious, exploring all round. Anytime he saw people, he made his way directly over to them and rubbed their legs and asked for some petting. He made a lot of friends out there. His favorite bits, I’d say, were the cricket (who I’m glad to say got away), the catnip toys (which he found on the shelf and wanted to take home with him), and all the attention. He watches dogs carefully but isn’t particularly afraid of them. What a great cat.

AVRY was next, since she loves walking but sometime refuses to come out of her cage if the other cats go out first (I think it’s a pecking order thing). Even though she wasn’t quite first in line, I’m not sure she noticed, being up high on a top ledge the whole time Putt-Putt was out of his cage. As usual she poked about, rubbing her chin on everything (to mark it as her territory, I assume). She did her usual dance in and out among the little stools over in the training room. 

TRIS I didn’t walk but instead put atop the bins, where she happily sprawled, perfectly willing to play any string game or game with the laser pointer I cd offer. She also thought a whiff of catnip was quite nice.

CHESTER came next, since it was clear from reports that he’s been going a bit stir-crazy since his un-adoption and return. To my surprise, he had less confidence than the last time (four weeks ago, but still). He wanted to hang out near the cat-room, lying down and welcoming attention but not wanting to move about much. A lot of people did come up and pet him.

Our other new cat (new to me anyway), OBI, may have been asking to go out on previous shifts, but he had second thoughts once actually out there. He got spooked by store racket (bad luck there) and climbed up to perch on my shoulders. Each time I got him down, he went right back up again, so I wound up cutting his walk short. While we were waiting for an employee to bring a key he lay down in front of the room, where he welcomed petting from three little girls (the oldest of whom was seven). 

What Obi really liked best was the box with catnip in the bottom, which he and Chester circled round and round towards the end of my shift. They wd willingly have spent more time with it, but after staying an extra half-hour I had to wrap things up. I’ll try to remember to bring it back in next week, with some fresh catnip.

No health issues, but Putt-Putt did discover the fake grass over near the aquariums and had to be disuaded from nibbling them; he (and some of the others as well) might enjoy some real cat-grass.


UPDATE 8/17: Got the great news that OBI was adopted on THursday and is now in his new home. Chester will miss his little buddy but it'll be great for Obi to have a family of his own.

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