Monday, March 31, 2014

Still on Deadline

So, no posts here the last few days because I've been on a monster deadline, cutting a 400,000 word book by about 40%. And it's absorbed all my brainpower for days on end, to the point that I haven't even done any reading (a rarity for me) -- or, rather, I've started books, read a bit, skimmed some more, put it down, and wandered away, my mind too absorbed in the ongoing project to focus on anything else.* Thank goodness there's plenty of anime for those times when I need a mindless end-of-day distraction in order to avoid the dreaded edit-in-my-sleep phenomenon. And tonight as an extra added bonus I'm taking a night off for a D-and-D Next session.

The good news is that the work is almost done: I'm now deep into the final pass, checking cross-references and smoothing over the reworked text. Which means postings will soon resume --among other things, I have a new Errata list for the one-volume edition, setting right various details I noticed during this recasting of the commentary.

So, in haste for now; back soon.

*Think Edward Gorey's Mr. Earbrass

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