Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Few More Photos

Finally, here are a few more Tolkienesque vacation photos from the Redwoods trip.

The low building with a round hobbithole-like door is a Yurok house, one of several (four I think) in Sumeg, the reconstructed Yurok village in Patrick's Point state park. Inside there's a ledge all round and a log-ladder going down into a dugout area where the firepit is. The village is still in use by the Yurok tribe for ceremonies, so some areas are restricted.

The dragon was in a gift shop in Newport -- I'd gotten one of two cat statues in a shop by the harbor when we were last there, five years or so ago, and hoped to find the other I'd passed on during this trip. No such luck, but I did see this appealing brass dragon, which I thought I'd share.

The tree was my favorite redwood (along with the fallen Dyerville Giant): The Corkscrew Tree. V. entish, I thought. Except that ents are much too small -- wasn't Treebeard about twenty feet tall? That wouldn't even come up to a tenth the size of these trees, which average about three hundred feet.

Anyway, enjoy! We certainly did.

--John R.

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