Friday, April 23, 2010

The Book of Jonah: Lost at Sea?

So, day before yesterday I got a notification from that they were canceling my pre-order of JRRT's THE BOOK OF JONAH, after having deferred shipping several times. Why? Because, according to amazon,

We are no longer able to offer this item for sale.
Our supplier has informed us that this item
has been discontinued and is no longer available. here in the U.S. doesn't provide much more information, and I wasn't able to trace down anything useful on the publisher's website. So for now, I guess we'll wait and see. Pity; it sounded like quite an interesting book, and a light on Tolkien we don't usually see.
And I was wondering whether they wd bring in the 14th century GAWAIN-poet connection, with PATIENCE. Ah well.

--John R.


Trotter said...


I assumed that you had seen Jason's Fisher's post on this from February.

John D. Rateliff said...

Hi Andrew
No, I'd missed that one. That pretty much makes it official: no Tolkien BOOK OF JONAH for us. Alas.

--John R.