Wednesday, February 10, 2010

See you in Dallas?

So, it's now more or less official; I'll be going to Mythcon* this year as a Special Guest.

The Guests of Honor are Tim Powers (author) and Janet Brennan Croft (scholar).

The dates are Friday July 9th through Monday July 12th.

The place is Southern Methodist University** in Dallas, Texas.

The theme is "War In Heaven". Guess I'll need to re-read THE BOOK OF ENOCH and ENUMA ELISH before this summer.

Janice and I haven't been to a Mythcon in several years,*** so this will be a nice change for us. An added bonus is that it's close enough to the Ark-la-tex area that I'll be able to drive over for a family visit afterwards, making this two vacations in one.

So, if you're going to be at Mythcon this year, let me know; it's always good to get together with Tolk folk.

--John R.

*more formally known as the 41st Annual Conference of the Mythopoeic Society.

**home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, but don't hold that against them.

***I've been to five in all, I think (six if you count the Oxford Centenary Conf) and served on the committee for two of those; Janice has been to more than I have.


Mom said...

*sigh* No Mythcon for me this year. I have a con (Westercon) over July 4th weekend, which the whole family loves to go to, and really can't physically handle two cons that far apart only one weekend apart.
Yeah, I was very upset when the convention dates had to be changed.
Lisa Harrigan

David Bratman said...

"home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library"

Not under construction yet, fortunately.

Well, I hope to be at the con also.