Thursday, February 11, 2010

more on 'Festival in the Shire'

So, while I was discussing this summer's upcoming Welsh Tolkien conference, I shd have mentioned the 'Festival in the Shire Journal', an online 'publication', edited by Colin Duriez, that can be found here:

So far it's rather more interesting than yr usual convention progress report. For example, in the first issue* they reprinted Daphne Castell's 1966 interview with JRRT, along with a profile piece on Castell herself, explaining how she came to do the interview and how it came to appear in such an unlikely place as Michael Moorcock's science fiction magazine. The current issue has a history of the Tolkien Society and an excerpt from Kilby's book. I didn't see anything indicating how often new issues will be coming out, but if these first two issues are anything to go by, it shd be worth checking the site from time to time between now and August.

--John R.

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