Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Janice is Commended

One major event from last month which I should have blogged about but didn't at the time was Janice's receiving the Regional Commissioner's Citation for her work with the agency (SSA). My posting about it got deferred because the next day we left for Milwaukee, but it's too big a deal not to celebrate here.

The Awards ceremony was held at the Hyatt up in Bellevue -- a really nice venue I'd never been in before. There was a huge crowd there, perhaps not surprising given that the 'Region' covers four states: Idaho, Oregon, Washington, & Alaska.

As it turned out, Janice was the very first person presented with her award. Luckily the presenter had warned them all ahead of time that the award itself was heavy (being a big piece of beautiful cut glass or crystal with her name inscribed in it).

The specific reason given in the accompanying program book, ARCHITECTS OF GREATNESS, for her Citation reads "In recognition of sustained high productivity and accurate work in the Kent field office while shifting work assignments in the Title XVI Unit."

So, congratulations to Janice. It's nice to have this recognition of just how good you are at what you do.

--John R.

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