Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interview with Doug Anderson on Tolkien Online

So, about two weeks ago, a friend (thanks Jessica) sent me a link to an interview with Doug Anderson that had just been posted on the TOLKIEN ONLINE website. It's a nice piece, so I thought I'd pass along the link for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. In it he talks about the origin of THE ANNOTATED HOBBIT, books on Tolkien he'd recommend, the relationship between his book and mine, his discovery of other fantasy authors (and medieval lit.) after reading Tolkien (with a place of honor going to the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series), post-Tolkien authors he enjoys (singling Holdstock out for particular praise), how TOLKIEN STUDIES came about, and what he's working on now. Surprisingly, there's no mention of his latest major project, the Flieger-Anderson edition of TOLKIEN ON FAIRY-STORIES. If you're interested in the journal TOLKIEN STUDIES at all, be sure to follow the link within the interview to the cumulative index of all six volumes, which is incredibly useful.
Here's the link to the interview itself:

--John R.
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