Friday, February 28, 2020

Tolkien Biopic: The Musical

So, while my attention was drawn to Kickstarter, I learned about several Tolkien-related projects, one of which I wd have subscribed for had I known about it at the time.

I've seen last year's 'based on a true story' film biography of JRRT of course, but hadn't realized there was a musical back in 2016 covering much the same ground, the title of which was either TOLKIEN or UNFOLDING TALES (the latter no doubt meant to echo JRRT's UNFINISHED TALES).

The Kickstarted relic of this project was the Cast Soundtrack of twenty-two songs, a generous sampling can be heard here:

If you're interested in JRRT's biography and the sometimes strange ways it get expressed, or a fan/collector of Tolkien-inspired music, you might want to try to track this down.

--John R.
--current viewing: DEAD OF WINTER, a Chaosium-sponsored CALL OF CTHULHU adventure.

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