Saturday, October 15, 2016

That Nobel

So, when on Thursday I heard two disc jockeys discussing Bob Dylan's winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, God as my witness I thought they were joking.

They weren't.

And so the world just got a little weirder, but in a good way.

Though, mind you, if going that route I'd have opted for Lennon-McCartney.

--John R.
(who actually doesn't own a single Dylan record --single, album, or cd. -- but find I have quite a few covers of Dylan songs by other artists)


Falconer said...

Dear John,

Can you suggest a practical order for reading the Lewis-Tolkien Space-Time stories (for enjoyment)?

N.E. Brigand said...

I believe only living people are eligible for Nobel prizes, which would rule out Lennon. And I can't recall a duo ever winning the prize for literature, which might rule out Lennon-McCartney even were John still living.