Friday, April 10, 2015

Good Advice (D&D)

So, a blog I like to check once in a while that doesn't update nearly as much as I'd like is Steve Winter's HOWLING TOWER blog. Lately he's been giving out some good advice re. gaming, which I thought I'd share:

I know when I'm playing a game, be it an rpg or boardgame, I try to plan out my next move over the course of the other folks' turn, so that I know basically what I want to do when my turn comes around. But all too often something will happen that renders all my planning moot, in which case I've found I'm not good at coming up with a good plan on the fly. Of course there are those wonderful moments when something you've spent the two previous turns setting up finally goes off without a hitch. Those are good moments, and all too rare.

So, I'd say re. Steve's post: good advice, harder to follow sometimes than others.

--John R.


David Bratman said...

I got the strong impression the one evening I spent playing rounds of Risk that victory depends on being the player whose turn comes up at just the right moment when it's possible for one player to break out and conquer everybody else.

John D. Rateliff said...

Hi David
It depends: played with the right group it becomes a balance-of-power game with the second-tier players working to hold back or tear down whoever's in the lead. It's only when a lead player decisively defeats the nearest rival that unstoppable momentum is likely to build.
--John R.