Saturday, January 10, 2015

And here's another of our cat FEANOR

And, not to be left out, here's some pictures of our cat Feanor, also from Anne (for which many thanks). I''m happy to say that at his official weigh-in on Thursday at McMonigle's, our most excellent local vet, is now down to a slimmer 16.65 pounds, after having peaked at 20 pounds a few years ago.* We've had him on a diet that has taken off about a pound a year, so that he now, while not exactly sleek, no longer has his tummy sway from side to side when he walks. The vet is going to keep an eye on him to make sure the weight loss is due to the diet and not early warning signs of hyperthyroidism or  anything of the sort (given that Feanor, like Hastur, has now reached the mature age of twelve).

Feanor clearly felt the effects of his booster shots and the upset of visiting his least favorite place, but he's loved the extra attention he's gotten the past two days: much petting, having a soft blanket laid down for him in front of the fire, and the like. He's a cat that spends a lot of time alone but blossoms under attention, happily purring when petted and made much of.

So, here's the pictures.

--John R.

*cf. my earlier post, "My Cat Weighs Twenty Pounds"

and here's an interim report from about two years ago

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