Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Cat Report (W. Sept 24th)

Amazed at the five-cat adoption over a two or three day period: The Little Sisters (LITTLE FEET and LITTLE PANTS), tripod lad LEGO, always-gets-overlooked TAWNY, and even special needs PHOENIX. The last is particularly satisfying, given how long she had to wait for her happy ending (since May I think). Can't remember ever having so many adopted in so short a time. 

With  Little Miss Smith (PERRY) back at the clinic (hope she'll soon be better and back with us again), that leaves us with just THREE CATS -- the fewest I ever remember being there. With so few cats, I was able to give them a nice relaxed morning.

We started out with walks: Mollini, then Buxter, then Maebe. Mollini did well with a combination walk and carry. She likes to go up to people but then just sits there, not trying to get their attention by mewing or rubbing against them.  Buxter shows signs of developing into a champion walker: she even stood up to a dog, holding her ground until it retreated. She went all over the store, and explored here and there. Think the part she liked best was going belly-up on the tiles. Never thought I'd be giving her tummy rubs: it was like she was doing her best Moreo impersonation (though about ten pounds lighter). Maebe, by contrast, was no sooner out than she lifted up her voice in lamentations, which grew in volume and frequency until I hastened to take her back inside the cat-room, where she immediately quieted down and relaxed. 

Speaking of mews, Mollini did something strange for her. A large dog (looked something like a black St. Bernard's) briefly came up to the cat-room, looked inside, and then went on off. As soon as she saw it, Mollini mewed and went up to the spot of the glass where it was. Think she was tying to get its attention. I'd just assumed she didn't like dogs, but maybe not?

Plenty of room this morning with only three cats: 

Buxter took up her post in her favorite spot, atop the cat-stand by the cabinet. She was pleased to be petted from time to time, but mostly just wanted to be out of the cage, in a safe comfy spot, and snooze.

Maebe went up to the cagetops, where she climbed inside the unused litter-box with the blanket in it, which she decided was the Best Thing Ever, settling in with great satisfaction and doing her paws up and down. 

Mollini was the one who really blossomed. She started out near the door, both to enjoy the breeze and to play some games. Then as the morning went on began to explore, going back into the corner where the used laundry goes. She was briefly in the basket on the bench but spent most of her time out and about. She and I finally worked out a good way to get her back in her cage at the end of shift: I put the other two back, whereupon she came and sat in front of her cage. I then put the wicker basket in front of her cage and patted it: she jumped from the floor to the basket then from the basket into the cage, and seemed quite pleased with herself.

The only other event of note was that I brought in some catnip bubbles to see how the cats liked it. Maebe was deeply interested, stalking over and standing over them, staring at them until they burst. Mollini was also interested, popping one or two but mostly just tracking them with her cat-radar. Buxter decided they might be Up To No Good and so moved down a level on her cat-stand for better shelter against The Cat-Bubble Menace. I left the bottle in case the new cats on the way might also enjoy them.

Speaking of the new cats, looking forward to meeting Sylvester and Tweety, the new kittens, who I hear arrived Wednesday afternoon after I'd left.

health concerns: everyone seemed fine, but Buxter made a deposit outside her box again. However, she also used her box, so this may not have been a protest so much as distress over a smelly dirt-box. I went ahead and emptied and cleaned out the box so she had all-new litter, thinking this might help. Suggest we make special efforts to keep her box as clean as we can to see if this resolves the problem.

--John R.

P.S.: Wonderful to see two pictures of Tawny, very much at home in her new home, sitting on the arm of the couch and keeping company with her human. That's one contented cat.

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